8-Outlet Mountable Surge Protector

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  • Power source with surge protection and a slim profile that can mount under your desktop, keeping wires out of the way
  • Attaches in multiple ways??designed to fasten to our patent-pending Frame mounting points OR attach directly to the bottom of any desktop (with or without included brackets). With these mounting options, you can face the outlets in the direction most optimal for your workspace
  • Plug in plenty of accessories with eight 3-prong 120V outlets
  • Accommodates bulky adapters with outlets rotated perpendicular to the surge protector’s length
  • Can mount under almost any desktop to face outlets down towards the floor. Or using the included brackets, mount to the front or back of the desk to face outlets towards or away from you
  • Includes heavy-duty 14-gauge 15′ power cord with 3-prong grounded plug (ETL safety listed for the U.S. and Canada)
  • Illuminated on/off reset switch makes it easy to find under the desk
  • Compatible with all desks. Use this on ANY desk

Electrical Power and Protection Without the Mess

If you work at a traditional desk space, chances are you have a bunch of different electronics you need to plug in. While you have several options for power sources, there’s only one that includes all the features you need to power all your devices while keeping your workspace clear of frustrating wires and cords: the 8-Outlet Mountable Surge Protector . Its slim profile and multiple mounting options ensure the space above and below your desk stays neat and clutter-free.

Plus, it simultaneously functions as a surge protector to protect all of your electrical devices from voltage spikes. You never know when equipment-damaging power surges might happen. So it’s good to be cautious with your devices and invest in a surge protector that can absorb excess voltage from spikes or surges and divert it safely to ground.

Plenty of Options for Easy Attachment

One of the best features of this surge protector is its multiple attachment options, all of which are uncomplicated and allow for quick and easy use. You can fasten the 8-outlet surge protector to our patent-pending Frame mounting points, or you can attach it directly to the bottom of any desktop. Because you have multiple options for easy attachment, you can choose to face the outlets in the most optimal direction for your workspace.

Our designers have equipped this surge protector with a heavy duty 15′ power cord with a 3-prong grounded plug (ETL safety listed for the U.S. and Canada), which means that it can move up and down with your height-adjustable desk without pulling on cords.

Added Features for Added Benefit

With eight 3-prong 120V outlets at your disposal, you??ll have plenty of dedicated outlets for all your devices and can avoid crawling under your desk to plug and unplug devices. Conveniently power all your electronics at once (while also keeping them safe from unwanted power surges).

Another great feature is the orientation of the outlets. Our designers opted to turn the outlets perpendicular to the surge protector’s length, which allows them to accommodate large or bulky adapters without blocking adjacent outlets.

Find Your Ideal Placement

You can attach the surge protector under any desktop and face it in the direction that suits your office needs. If you opt to use the included brackets, you can mount the surge protector to the underside of the desktop, giving you the option to face the outlets towards or away from you. Optionally, if you choose to mount the product without brackets, you can face the outlet downward.

Lights, Outlets, Action!

Since you’re using this surge protector to power all of your important electronic devices, it needs to be visible. While our designers opted for a sleek black color to prevent it from clashing with your other office materials, they also included an illuminated on/off reset switch. This design addition makes the surge protector easy to find under your desk.

You’ll also notice additional lights on the surge protector. An illuminated green light means that the receptacle has found a Ground reference, which is essential for surge protection?because Ground is the only exit pathway for any surge in current.?If the green light is not illuminated, it indicates there is no Ground reference, meaning no surge protection. The red light indicates that the surge protection elements are successfully working. If the red light dims or extinguishes, you will know that the surge protector is no longer protecting your equipment


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8-Outlet Mountable Surge Protector
$78.66 $59.00
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