Adjustable Lower Back & Spine Pain Lumbosacral Corset Brace

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a back brace for lower back pain

This lower back brace for spinal pain and injuries provides superior compression and support that is easy to fit and even easier to wear. The low-profile design incorporates a hi-tech mesh material that helps manage heat and moisture for all-day comfort.

Why You Need This This Lumbosacral Corset for Lower Back Pain

As we age, our spine wears down, making us more susceptible to injuries and elderly back pain. Unfortunately, simply playing sports like tennis or golf, or being plus size can speed up this degeneration process.

This universal support belt offers superior stabilization from your L1 through S1 vertebrae, reducing lower back motion and helping alleviate and prevent spinal pain among young and old men and women alike. View our full line of lumbosacral (LSO) braces.

By wrapping the brace around your waist you create pressure, reducing the amount of force on your lumbosacral spine, otherwise known as the small of your back. This compression helps transfer stress away from your lumbar spine, easing the pain, protecting against further damage, and promoting healing.

These qualities and more make this orthopedic device great for treating many conditions that cause lower back pain, including:

  • Lower back pain, sprains, or strains
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylosis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Facet syndrome
  • Arthritis

5 Reasons Why People Love Adjustable Sports Back Brace for Golfers

Wearing a simple spine corset brace is a good alternative to surgery. (If you do need back surgery, here??s what you should expect afterward.) And this affordable compression back brace for youthful and elderly men or women is one of the best on market, thanks to several of its unique and high-tech features.

  1. Dual Power Pulley System

The patented pulley system of this back brace applies targeted support and compression to your L1 through S1 vertebrae, similar to the pulley system found on Cybertech back braces. The mechanical pulley system makes it easy to activate the compression feature of this brace. It multiplies your force, so you can easily generate a lot of compression, which is great for lower back pain treatment with very little effort. Simply, slide your thumbs through the pull tab holes and pull them away from your body. The right pull tab controls lower compression and the left pull tab controls upper compression.

Fastener?all the way around the lumbosacral support makes putting on and adjusting the belt simple. All it takes to loosen or tighten the belt as you move from a seated to standing position is a simple adjustment of the pull tabs.

  1. This Back Brace is One Size Fits All

The stabilization belt is one size fits all, which eliminates the hassle of trying to select the correct size. This universal brace fits body circumferences ranging from 28 inches to 60 inches. Use the two D-ring buckles for quick and easy belt length adjustment.

  1. CoolMesh Material for a More Flexible, Streamlined Fit

This hip and back alignment corrector is ultra lightweight and breathable. Outside of the pulley system and fasteners, the remainder of the lumbar wrap is made out of a hi-tech nylon mesh fabric. This material helps manage heat and moisture for enhanced all-day comfort while driving, walking, working, etc.

  1. Our Flexible, Breathable Support Belt is Great for Athletic Use

Are you an athlete seeking a low-profile fitting back brace? This waist trainer for back pain features a flexible and streamlined fit that??s perfect for exercise and sports like golf.

Why does my back hurt after golf?

Similar to any other sport, golf can produce injuries to your low back and spine. A very common golf injury is low back pain caused by muscle strains and sprains that occur when swinging a golf club. Chronic or recurrent episodes of lumbar pain can be frustrating if the pain hinders your ability to play golf. Fortunately, this spine support helps eliminate low back pain and prevents golf and sport-related injuries. See more of our golf support braces.

  1. Perfect Lower Back Support for Elderly Women and Men

Innovative hand loops assist in independent application and removal for seniors and people with limited upper body strength or trouble gripping due to arthritis.

Most other lower back belts depend on how tightly you can wrap the brace around your hips for compression. Our dual power pulley brace comes at a far more attractive price and delivers controlled compression with minimal effort.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Athletic Corset Support for Lumbar Spine Pain

  • What conditions/injuries does this back stabilizer treat? It can help with many injuries to the lower back, including (but not limited to) acute and chronic low back pain, lumbar muscle weakness, lumbar strains and sprains, postural support and disc herniation.
  • How does it work? The belt supports your lower back, thanks to its superior pulley system, which applies comfortable compression, transferring stress away from your spine. This also stabilizes the lower-back, which is great for conditions like SPD and SI joint pain where too much movement creates alignment issues and pain.
  • When should I wear it? You should always follow a doctor??s instructions regarding usage. But generally speaking, you can safely wear this belt whenever you need extra support, protection, and pain relief. ?
  • What is it made of? Constructed out of a latex-free, lightweight and breathable nylon CoolMesh material. Its edges are finished and a layer of?fastener goes around the entire brace so you can attach the pull tabs wherever it suits you. The mechanical pulley system is composed of a high-quality, polyester perma core thread (parachute cord).
  • Who can wear this brace? Men and women of all ages can benefit from this belt, so long as the circumference of their body falls within a range of 28 inches to 60 inches. We also offer plus size back braces and maternity support belts, if you don??t fall within that measurement range.
  • What size should I buy? That??s an easy one with this universal, one size fits most, back brace. Just make sure the circumference around the area where you plan to wear this brace falls within the 28 to 60-inch sizing range. To check, wrap a soft, flexible tape measure around the widest part of your body, most likely your hips. If your measurement was wider than 60 inches, you should check out a plus size belt.
  • How do I put it on? Adjust length accordingly and position brace behind your body centered on your lower back. With your left hand, wrap the left side of the brace around your lower abdomen. Then fold in the right side of the brace and secure closure. Unattach left pull tab, pulling it away from your body until your desired level of compression is reached. Reattach the left pull tab to the fastener band. Repeat with right pull tab. Note that right pull tab controls lower compression and left pull tab controls upper compression.
  • How tall is this brace? The belt portion of the brace is 6 inches tall, and the back panels are 8 inches tall.
  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash with warm water and detergent for delicate fabrics, repeatedly rinse, and line-dry only. Do not use bleach or place in a dryer. Do not immerse brace in liquids.
  • Other features:
    • The belt is flexible, lightweight and breathable, which is great for active use.
    • The dual power pulley system amplifies your force, making it easy to apply compression.
  • Color: Black.


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Adjustable Lower Back & Spine Pain Lumbosacral Corset Brace
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