Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine

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  • [Keep food fresh] The food sealing machine produces a strong suction of 60kPa, which can extract all air from the bag, ensuring that the food stays fresh for 8 times longer. This vacuum sealing machine not only keeps the food fresh and delicious, but also protects your valuables, such as photos, clothes, medicines, important documents, etc. ).
  • [Compact design] Multi-layer material heat sealing can prevent air from entering, prevent the refrigerator from being burned, and reduce food rot and waste. The OTU food preservation vacuum sealing machine has a small size and an ultra-thin design (14.1 * 3.2 * 2.1 inches). This vacuum packaging machine is lightweight (1.35 lbs). You can move as you want. The package includes 10 heat-sealed bags including: 5 small (4″ x 6″), 5 medium (6.7″ x 10″), 1 user manual (not necessarily in Chinese), and 1 vacuum sealing machine.
  • [Suitable for dry and wet food] Our food sealing machine is designed with two optional modes. One-button VAC/seal button, select “Vacuum Seal” or “Single Seal” mode according to the type of food, which can be used for dry food and wet food, so as to provide the best preservation for your food according to your different types of food. One-touch can be sealed within 5s ~ 12 seconds.
  • [Save your time] It can work continuously for about 20 times without damaging the machine. Daily meal planning is easier-double the recipes of your favorite dishes, and then store the extra parts, fast and nutritious meals during busy week nights, saving you time and money. Cooking and meal preparation will become easier, more economical and faster. The elegant, flat shape fits your workbench and is easy to clean.
  • [Certified product]  vacuum sealing machine has undergone strict laboratory testing and the raw materials have passed the national safety standard testing and certification, and have obtained FCC certification, ISO certification, CE, ROHS, quality inspection reports and other certifications to comply with applicable product safety Standards and safety are our top priority.


Sealing Technology
The vacuum technology leaves the bag air-free by sucking it out. It makes the package airtight which then keeps and goes the contents fresh for more extended periods. Also, the suction tech also helps in retaining the aroma and freshness of the food. This efficient machine also helps in keeping your fridge and freezer well-organized. It then gives you more room and additional space in putting in other contents. This vacuum sealing machine is primarily for packing foods and other products through a plastic vacuum bag.

Sealing Machine Vacuum Sealer
Keep your food fresh and make them last longer than most using a vacuum sealing machine that saves the freshness of your dishes. The vacuum sealing machine functions primarily to keep the food fresh and make them last longer. The vacuum system keeps the bag free from microorganisms in the air that can cause the food to spoil within hours. So to save their freshness, an efficient packing machine is the perfect solution. The Sealing Machine will make your meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and cooked dishes last longer than usual.

Keep It Fresh
With this device, you can pack and seal just about anything. Using this sealer device not only maintains the integrity of your dish but also retains taste and aroma. It makes it essential in every home. So save and preserve food at all times. Prevent food wastage and save money and time using this convenient and functional vacuum sealer machine. The device comes with different settings and modes that you can easily manipulate depending on your requirement. It also comes with an instruction manual, and it is highly recommended that instructions should be read carefully before using the device. So seal everything to avoid spoiling and make marinating and packing effortless and faster using this easy to use vacuum machine.


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4 reviews for Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine

    Aug. 28, 2021
    It was great…vacuumed my breakfast sausages with ease.
    The vacuum sealer was very easy to use, making a small nice package of food for freezing.
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    Aug. 21, 2021
    works great with ridged vacuum bags (not smooth)
    We have wanted a vacuum sealing since we started grilling out more at home (Covid!!). So to really push marinades/rubs into the various meats, we vacu...More
    We have wanted a vacuum sealing since we started grilling out more at home (Covid!!). So to really push marinades/rubs into the various meats, we vacuum seal them. This sealer works great (only had for a couple of weeks) and has the flexibility to pull are hard vacuum on drier goods and a lighter vacuum on moist goods. You can also manually control the machine. It does not slip anything into the bag so you need the ridged type of bags to be able to pull a vacuum. As most sealing bags have ridges, this is not an issue. We have not tried the canister feature yet. Will update if we do.
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    Aug. 17, 2021
    love it
    Works great. I bought it because my last sealer stopped working . This one one works fine and includes info for help with the supplier if it does not.
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    Anton Palagutin
    Aug. 12, 2021
    Great design and quality
    I have never used vacuum sealers before. I thought it would be a great addition to our kitchen gadgets. This turned out to be a handy thing to have i...More
    I have never used vacuum sealers before. I thought it would be a great addition to our kitchen gadgets. This turned out to be a handy thing to have if you plan to store some produce for a ling time. Literally for anything, from berries to meat to dry foods. It is easy to use, comes in great packaging with extra bags. And, of course, the design is modern - looks great.
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Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine
Starting From $35.99
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