Baby Balance Bikes 10-24 Month

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  • Recommended Age: Suits 10-24 month babies who are learning to walk or developing balance. Max. load capacity up to 100 lbs.
  • Easy Installation: Developed modular design, take only 3 steps to assemble. Easily done within 2 minutes, no tools required.
  • Product Features: Sturdy carbon steel frame, supportive soft seat, fully & widen enclosed wheels ensure baby feet safety; 135 degree steering limited to avoid baby side falling.
  • Happiness: Help to develop babies’ balance, enjoy riding and gain confidence. Well packed in gift Box, great first bike Christmas present choice. Your baby will remember this wonderful gift from parents/grandpa or Aunt/Uncle forever.

Why Baby Balance Bike?

If you learned to ride a bike back in the ??80s or early ??90s, you probably took the standard progression. It went: tricycle, training wheels, and then bruised and bloody limbs on a newly 2-wheeled pain machine. The child development experts agree that the only thing training wheels do is help a kid learn to pedal, but the most important thing of conquering a bike is BALANCE, which is exactly what our Baby Balance Bike will help to develop.

Compare to normal balance bike, our Baby Balance Bike is specially designed to minimize the danger of riding. Unlike other kids who only loves playing with smart-phone or tablet indoor, your baby will be very active and love cycling at very early age. Then, they??ll pretty much be able to make a seamless transition to the pedal-pushing bike. That means that you won??t really get to run behind them, shouting gleeful encouragement like you normally see in popular media.

Leg strength, balance, self-confidence and most important thing: Happiness! These are what our Baby Balance Bike offers.

Your company is the best gift for your baby

  1. Helmet should be worn all times when riding.
  2. Children should use mini bike under adults ‘ supervision and guidance.
  3. Wipe with a damp cloth using soap water only to remove dirt and dust.
  4. This mini walking bike is not to be used in traffic .

    Steering limit

    135 degree steering limit avoid baby side falling down, you don’t need to worry that your baby will falling down, this bike is perfect to help baby keep balance.

    Ergonomic seat pad

    Safe seating and a comfortable riding experience even during long periods, baby can enjoy the whole playing time.

    No-pedal design

    Balance bike in no-pedal design, the perfect way to help your child safely learn and develop core skills like balance and coordination.

    No pedal design for toddlers

    Toddler balance bike is a no-pedal bike, kids can use their feet to reach the ground and move their feet to push the bike.

    Exercise in early age

    Baby will use legs to thrust against the ground to go forward which exercise their legs. They will walk much more stable according to our search.

    Balance training

    The balance bike can help babies enhance their balance, coordination, self-confidence and independence.

    The ideal gift for baby boys and baby girls

    No matter if birthday, shower-party, Christmas or any other occasion. This balance bike is the ideal gift for friends and family, nephews, grandsons and godsons or just for your own little baby boy and baby girl.


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Baby Balance Bikes 10-24 Month
$78.61 $58.96
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