Carbon Steel Pan

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The Best Material You Didn??t Know Existed
A secret favorite in professional kitchens.

Not enough people know about the kitchen pros?? secret weapon: the carbon steel pan. To the common home cook, it might sound unbelievable ?? a pan that combines the best qualities of cast iron, stainless steel, and nonstick. And it lasts forever. No one pan is perfect, but carbon steel pans come very close.

What Makes A Single Pan So Essential?

As busy cooks already know: doing everything is no small feat. For instance, ??nonstick?? is normally the opposite of ??durable.?? What makes carbon steel so unique is its ability so much good in a single tool.

Easy Seasoning = Naturally Nonstick

When talking about pans, ??seasoning?? refers to the metal??s ability to trap microscopic layers of polymerized oil. After a few easy steps, these layers of oil create a natural nonstick coating ?? without any extra chemicals. The result is a durable pan that can take high temperatures and last a lifetime, without the complicated care required of more traditional cast iron skillets.

Lighter Than Cast Iron

Carbon steel has similar properties to cast iron, without its biggest drawback: weight. The Misen Carbon Steel pan is a whole 42% lighter than cast iron pans of the same diameter, making it much easier on the elbows, and a breeze to use.

Use It To Do Everything

The Misen Carbon Steel pan will sear, saute, bake, and deep fry, at any cooking temperature. Use it with gas, electric, or induction stovetops, or in the oven. It will do any job a pan can do, and do it even better.

Easy Cleaning, Low Maintenance

The Misen Carbon Steel??s well-seasoned nonstick coating makes it a snap to clean and maintain. Most of the time, just a splash of water and a towel is all you??ll need to keep your pan spotless and ready
for its next job.

A Lifetime of Toughness

Like its cast iron cousins, the Misen Carbon Steel is virtually indestructible

Added Design Features



??Goldilocks?? Wall Height

Side walls designed to let in the airflow needed for perfect browning and sears, and still be tall enough to stop grease splatter.

20% Larger Cooking Surface

We maximized the size of our pan??s base to allow a little more room to cook more food, without overcrowding the pan.

Durable Material

Carbon steel body with the ideal 99:1 iron to carbon ratio ?? the right proportion for greater strength and lighter weight than cast iron.


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Carbon Steel Pan
$86.66 $65.00
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