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40 Pieces
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Pack of 88
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Caslon – Glaze pipe set, you will soon decorate cakes as a professional.
The petal nozzle game is not just to fill and cover your creative cakes: fresh cream, merengue and mashed potatoes can be yours, and your cupcakes are a work of art.

A variety of styles and environmentally friendly baking cupcake biscuit baking kit

21 numbered stainless steel tips, including round tips, leaf tips, petal tips, French tips, basket-shaped woven tips, open star tips and closed star tips, falling flowers Pointed. Each cupcake tip creates a different design, suitable for various types of great creations.

Save your time and money

The soft and durable silicone piping bag is a good choice for bakeries and will not break or burst. 3 sizes of reusable piping bags (2 pieces*S: 10 inches*6 inches, 3 pieces*M: 12 inches*6 inches, 1 piece*L: 14 inches*8 inches, 6 couplers are included, Meet all cake decoration items.

More piping bags and couplers

Durable silicone piping bags are designed for reuse. But use different frosting colors and decorative patterns to decorate the cake with your children and friends. The silicone piping bag is reusable and environmentally friendly.

How to use pipe tips?

1. Wash the tips in hot water.
2. Prepare the cutting of the pipe bag so that 0.039-0.079 in the nozzle can be out of the pipe bag.
3. Insert the nozzle into the bag.
4. Put the butter cream on a bag. The cream of butter should be firm, room temperature, not too soft.
5. Place the nozzle at the base of the cake / cake, while tightening gently, life nozzle.
6. Clean the end of the nozzle.
7. Use a sheet nozzle to fill the holes, this will complement the overall effect.
8. If the butter cream is too soft, the buds will be closed. Place in the refrigerator, if necessary.
9. After use, wash in hot water and soap and dry.

Packing detail:

6 reusable piping bags: S 10 inches (6 inches by 10 inches) — 2 pieces
M 12 is inches (about 30.5 cm) 🙁 6.8 inches (about 17.4 cm) * 12 inches (about 30.5 cm) — 3 pieces
L 14 inches (about 35.6 cm): (8 inches (about 20.3 cm) * 14 inches (about 35.6 cm) — 1 piece
21 stainless steel Tip
6* Russian pipe nozzle
6* Reusable coupler
1* Decorating nozzle description
2 biscuit molds


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3 reviews for CASLON Cake Decorating Supplies

    Linda Rodante
    Aug. 25, 2021
    Good for beginners or others
    Just what I needed to start practicing with cake decorating.
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    Aug. 12, 2021
    Fun to squeeze
    Product as described.Easy and fun to use and a great buy for your money.Got it 5 days delivery which is wonderful.
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    Aug. 9, 2021
    The best $6 ever spent
    It’s very easy to use especially for a beginner like me because it’s so lightweight and easy to clean. I was able to make cute swirls on my cake in fi...More
    It’s very easy to use especially for a beginner like me because it’s so lightweight and easy to clean. I was able to make cute swirls on my cake in first attempt.
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CASLON Cake Decorating Supplies
Starting From $9.48$15.81
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