EQUALPLUS Adjustable Glasses

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  • Fits your vision –With the new technology of dual lenses, you will be able to adjust Equal Plus so that it will fit your personal preference.
  • Sliding lens technology – The product’s sliding glass technology will allow you to modify the glasses until you reach your desired condition perfectly.
  • Unisex design – Equal Plus is made with a sleek and stylish design that will fit with your everyday outfit regardless of gender or age.
  • Affordable –There won’t be a need to constantly buy fragile glasses or spend money on monthly prescriptions.
  • Adjustable – Equal Plus is easy and convenient. They will be able to be adjusted to fit anyone correctly.
  • Easy to use – It comes with simple instructions. All you have to do is adjust the dial on each side until you reach 20/20 vision.
  • Saves your time – No more wasting your time on doctor’s appointments.

No more blurry visions or unclear focus. Say goodbye to all those unwanted headaches that come from vision problems. Now you can spend as many hours as you want, watching TV or reading your favorite books. Equal Plus are the new ingenious adjustable glasses that everyone is talking about. With a vast functionality, you can use these glasses for anything you need, whether sewing or browsing the internet.Equal Plus comes with two parallel lenses for each eye. You can adjust them with the dial on the side of your personal liking.

Get A Better Vision With Equal Plus

If your glasses are continually falling off your face and breaking, or if they feel uneasy sitting on your face, then Equal Plus is just the product for you. Equal Plus comes with a comfortable and modern design. You can wear them all day and always be at ease. With Equal Plus, there won’t be unwanted situations such as constantly falling off your face or uneven.

It will allow you to adjust your vision with just a simple touch of a dial. You can do your favorite activity as long as you want without the unwanted headaches or feeling dizzy all the time. Equal Plus is easy to use. All you have to do is adjust the dial on each side until you reach 20/20 vision. It can cover adjustments from -6 diopters for shortsighted to +3 diopters for long-sighted.


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EQUALPLUS Adjustable Glasses
$79.99 $59.99
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