Eye massager equipped with precise temperature

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A Pioneered Eyestrain Saver.Bring relief to strained, tired eyes – faster & quieter.


The new eye massager is built to benefit users with much more efficient, precise heating and kneading technology. Even though we’ve been making eye massagers for decades, for the new eye massager, we began with a clean slate.

What’s Improved
Optimized Heating Algorithm

Advanced Motor

Redesigned Airbags

A New Level of Eye Relief Excellence.

For fast, quiet, comfort eye relief.
To relieve eye problems, the new massage nodes stimulate acupoints around the eyes, temple, and forehead. Upgraded with the noise-reduced motor, refined airbags designs, and advanced heating algorism, our eye massager stands out among the rest because it can more precisely control intensity to relieve eyes for better results.

The Better, Quieter Built-In Motor.

A low-noise, comfort, warm nap anywhere, anytime.
The motor was updated with better quality. The audible noise of the built-in motor of the new eye massager reduces to 50dBA, from 60dBA. After the pre-test and discussions we had with new eye massager lovers, removing natural sound is an undoubted decision for it to provide a better eye relief experience.Thermal Powered Massage.

Find faster healing via optimized heat.

Enjoy the new level of eye relief excellence within 30 seconds. The new eye massager is equipped with thermal power for a heating massage like no other. We optimize the new eye massager heating algorithm, powering at a targeted 107°F for a consistently warm massage that’s guaranteed to promote blood circulation around the eye area faster.Designed For Ultimate Massage Quality.

Enjoy superior eye massage quality with redefined airbags.

We refined the details of airbags, creating a new class of eye-touch massager with a form an exceptional seal for size adjusting, maximizing comfort, fit, and stability. Simplicity starts from the one-button to control eye massager.

For the most effectual in-home massage.

The new eye massager is a uniquely innovative product built with an orbital design, an ergonomic shape and ultra-effective floating orbit-and-inner-chamber technology. 2.5 hours of battery life provide users with long-lasting convenience.

The one-size-fits-all for all-day comfort.

The one-size-fits-all the new eye massager can self-adjust to every user by each component designed based on the form of the human eyes and face shapes. It’s constructed with a wide elastic band to hug every head size. Find the best fit – and get the best touch – by its ergonomic & sleek design.

What does it do for you


An eye massage targets muscles in the ocular area to help loosen tension and provide relief from sinus headaches.


Omnidirectional massage nodes increase protein secretion to improve cell metabolism, smooth out wrinkles and eliminate dark circles.


Our massage device has been proven to improve sleep quality and emotional wellness.


With precise heat and pressure technology, the eye massager improves blood flow in the ocular region, promoting lubrication and relieving soreness.


Knead your way to faster stress relief by adding the new eye massager to your self-care routine.



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Eye massager equipped with precise temperature
$132.00 $99.00
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