High Power Cordless Air Duster & Vacuum 2-in-1

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Clean Any Device Anywhere With This 2-In-1 Duster
Looking for something portable that can effectively clean up any device? This 2020 air duster is your perfect match. Don’t go with its compact size, because its powerful motor and wind speed offer clean appliances in no time. Additionally, this device does not leave any mess behind after cleaning as it first blows and then sucks the dust from the accessories. Its state-of-the-art design enables you to clean even the narrowest areas where traditional dusters cannot reach.
Powerful & Multipurpose
Built-in with a super powerful 60,000 RPM motor, it has a wind speed of over 35m/s. It can effectively remove 99% of the dust away from the device. You can use this duster to clean various things, such as computers, rugs, CPU, corners of your car seat, air conditioner, and even the vents of your window.
Convenient Charging
This portable battery-driven duster can be charged with multiple USB port devices, such as the laptop terminal, the wall plug with an adapter, power bank terminal, etc. It ensures the charging to be easy, convenient, and energy saving.
Blower Cum Vacuum
This air duster can be switched from being a blower to a vacuum by simply turning the middle portion.
Compressed Nozzle & Brush nozzle
This dust comes with 2 brush nozzle(1 for blower mode, 1 for vacuum mode). When the computer and accessories have some stubborn dust, you can use these two brush nozzles to clean more quickly and efficiently.
Gently remove the filter from the device to take out the dust, and then rinse it with water to start cleaning again with a clean filter.
Portbable Compact Size
You can use it almost anywhere with its compact size, rechargeable battery, USB fast charge. Just simply hold the bottom, it can really help you clear the trouble of dust.

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High Power Cordless Air Duster & Vacuum 2-in-1
$133.32 $99.99
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