J Brace Patellar Stabilizer with Lateral Knee J-Strap

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J Brace for Knee Support

Some might compare this J knee brace to the DonJoy lateral patella knee brace. Such J braces feature strapping mechanisms around the kneecap that help keep the patella in its proper position during movement. This, in turn, stabilizes the knee.

This J brace patellar stabilizer can help with the same types of ailments the DonJoy J brace treats. The knee J brace can help those dealing with patella subluxation or dislocation, patellofemoral syndrome and during rehab for patella tendon injuries. Like the DonJoy Lateral J knee brace, this brace can support an unstable knee and help with misalignment of the patella.

The J-strap knee brace does so thanks to a c-shaped buttress that helps the patella track as it should along with a four-part versatile strapping system. Two narrow straps are located just above and below the kneecap while two wider straps encircle the thigh and calf. The position and tightness of these straps can be easily adjusted as each has a buckle and fasteners.

The buttress can be moved to either the lateral or medial side of the knee or it can be removed altogether. This makes the J brace knee support useful for a variety of patellar tracking issues and at various stages of knee injury treatment.

The lateral J patella knee brace itself is constructed of premium-grade neoprene that is free of latex. The buttress of the J-sleeve knee brace is composed of compression-molded, textured neoprene. See more neoprene knee braces.

While this is not a hinged lateral J knee brace, it does come with stays for added support. These spiral stays also help the lateral J brace knee support from bunching or rolling. (You can find some hinged knee braces here.)

The DonJoy knee brace-like product can function as either a J brace for the left knee or a J brace for the right knee. It leaves the kneecap free of pressure and comes in a discreet black color.

Lateral J Brace for Patella Support

The primary function of J braces is to support the patella in a semi-rigid fashion via the flexible brace material and a lateral j-style strap mechanism. Besides the dynamic strapping, the c-shaped buttress of this lateral knee brace also helps the kneecap track as it should. ?

Stays on either side of the knee provide additional support and limit harmful movement of the knee.

Wearing a J-brace with all of these features helps the patella stay in its proper position anatomically speaking during movement. This helps reduce pain and improve movement of the kneecap. Stabilizing the kneecap via a patellar stabilizer like this also protects against further worsening of an injury.

The neoprene knee sleeve of this J buttress knee brace is also beneficial for injury treatment in that it provides compression and warmth to the knee joint. Compression can help reduce inflammation and promote healing. And warmth can help with joint stiffness.

The brace can also help with recovery from lateral release knee surgery and after a meniscometry. Muscular imbalances, structural abnormalities and force are just a few of the things that can cause the patella to track toward the outer part of the body or to patellar lateralization where the patella resides outside of the middle of the kneecap.

In some cases, rehab to correct muscle imbalances and taping the knee and/or wearing a brace aimed at correcting patellar tracking can do the trick.

But in other instances, knee surgery lateral release may be needed to correct the maltracking and realign the knee cap, especially if patella dislocation is a recurrent event. Patella lateral release is most effective for those with an excessive tilt to the kneecap. (See our knee braces for patella dislocation.)

Lateral release of the patella is a procedure where a surgeon cuts through a retinaculum (a tight tissue attached to the outside of the kneecap) that is too tight, allowing the kneecap to move back into the groove in which it is supposed to reside.

Key features of the BraceAbility j brace include spiral hinges and a reversible buttress

J Knee Brace Features

There are a number of reasons this lateral J patella knee brace is an effective solution for various knee problems. Following is a breakdown of its key features.

  • J brace for lateral knee provides warmth, support, and compression
  • Textured c-shaped buttress controls patella movement
  • Patellar buttress is movable and removable for support to either side of the knee or a more flexible fit
  • J brace buttress is compression-molded and textured
  • Versatile strapping system for dynamic, highly adjustable treatment
  • Includes lateral knee J strap for kneecap control
  • Tension control for each of the four straps that make up this knee stabilizing J Brace
  • J knee sleeve includes spiral stays for added support and the prevention of rolling or bunching
  • Indications: Patella subluxation, patellar dislocation, patellofemoral syndrome, patella tendon injury rehab, knee instability
  • Brace for patella tracking helps the kneecap to stay where it should as one move
  • Patella J brace shields one from a further knee injury
  • Kneecap support is constructed of premium-grade neoprene
  • Latex-free patellar J Brace
  • Brace with J straps has an open patella design
  • Color: Black
  • Numerous sizes going all the way up to a 4X-large J knee brace. Sizes are based on the circumference of the knee 6?? above the mid-patella and 6?? below the mid-patella:
    • Small: 14.5″-15″ | 12″-13″
    • Medium: 16″-17.5″ | 13.5″-14.5″
    • Large: 17.5″-20″ | 14″-15.5″
    • X-Large: 19″-22″ | 15″-16.5″
    • 2X-Large: 22″-25″ | 16″-18.5″
    • 3X-Large: 24″-28″ | 19″-21″
    • 4X-Large: 27″-32″ | 20″-22″


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J Brace Patellar Stabilizer with Lateral Knee J-Strap
Starting From $59.99
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