Kenner Prescription Eyeglasses

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EyeSafe Digital Protection
EyeSafe Digital Protection
EyeSafe Transition + Digital Protection
EyeSafe Transition + Digital Protection
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Highlight your eyes with this pair of minimalistic rimless eyeglasses. Invisibly light & comfortable for long hours of wearing. 


EyeSafe Digital Protection High Definition lenses offer protection against indoor and outdoor radiation (Blue Light, UV Rays and Electromagnetic Waves). They’re designed to increase the sharpness of vision, improve color contrast, reduce glare and block harmful blue light from digital screens. These lenses relieve digital eyestrain and improve sleep by allowing the production of sleep-inducing melatonin in the body.

EyeSafe Transition + Digital Protection lenses is an upgraded version of EyeSafe Digital Protection lenses. They are smart lenses that change in color when exposed to sunlight, making it easier to stare into the sun while offering the same protection against Radiation & Blue Light emitted by electronic devices.



  • Frame width: 135mm
  • Frame height 42mm
  • Lens width: 51mm
  • Lens height:47mm
  • Weight: 14grams
  • Frame size: S-M
  • Lens: Scratch & Impact Resistant
  • Unisex
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Kenner Prescription Eyeglasses
Starting From $43.99$60.99
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