NeckRight? Official Cervical Traction Stretcher

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NeckRight (Unpadded)
NeckRight (Unpadded)
NeckRight Pro (Padded)
NeckRight Pro (Padded)
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Got?Cervical Pain All The Time?

Get Rid Of It In Just 10 Minutes A Day!

NeckRight??Cervical Stretcher is a small lightweight multi-level?neck stretching device that helps you relax and immediately relieves?neck pain due to tight muscles, excessive flexion, and poor spinal alignment.?


Anyone with?neck pain knows how much Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage can cost.?For less than?one?fifth the cost?of just ONE of these treatments, you can receive the lifelong benefits of our Adjustable?Traction System.


I’ve never found a better product and love how the nodes press against my knots. Perfect tool for getting that tense spot in my neck.

– Christa,?MI??

*Note:-?TheBodyTherapy?is the?ONLY?seller of NeckRight??Cervical?Stretcher. We have?NO other retailers



What Are The?Benefits??

  • Helps relieves chronic?neck pain
  • Corrects postural imbalances
  • Restores the natural curvature of the back?
  • Improves flexibility in shoulder and neck muscles
  • Helps relieve Herniated, Bulging Disc Pain, Spinal Stenosis, etc.

How?Does It Work?

By providing natural cervical traction, NeckRight is able to gently stretch and relax the neck muscles, while also expanding the intervertebral space of your upper spine.?It helps to oxygenate your neck muscles, ligaments, and tendons, providing pain relief and mobility to your shoulder blades, neck and spinal cord.


10 Magnetic Acupressure Nodes?

?60 Acupressure Massage Pins

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Frequently Asked Questions

NeckRight?or NeckRightPro?

Both models work excellently and do the same basic job. Simply, if you want a cushioned feel for a more comfortable stretch, along with the acupressure effect, go for NeckRightPro. But if you don’t mind the hardness and the pressure nodes, you might like?both the?same.?

Is it suitable for my height?

Both the?NeckRight models are ‘one size fits all’, which means that?they just fit no matter how tall you are.

How long should I use it for?

We recommend using it for 5 minutes up to 2 times a day for beginners. You may increase your session length once you get used to it.

How do I use it?
  1. Lay the stretcher on the ground, arch side up.
  2. Make sure it??s adjusted to fit your height. We recommend starting low. Use help if you aren’t able to?set?it up alone.
  3. Slowly place your?back?down followed by your?neck.
  4. Place your arms over your head and stretch out.
  5. Feel the massage and relax!

Material: ABS Plastic
Base size: 37.3*23*7.5Cm


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NeckRight? Official Cervical Traction Stretcher
Starting From $43.99$48.98
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