Outdoor LED Submersible Light IP68 Waterproof 4PCS 13 LED Underwater Lights for Pond Pool Fountain Aquarium Vase Tub Bathtube Decoration Colorful Lamp with Remote Control


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  • Upgraded Pond Lights Design with Magnets and Suction Cups-The Submersible lights is upgraded designed with special magnet and suction cup which improve waterproof structure, The submersible led lights is 100% waterproof, perfect for lighting any water filled containers. Using diving led lights as decorative lamp to add a special touch of elegance and coziness to your home;
  • Upgraded Pool Lights built in 13 LEDS and 16 Colors Changing-The IP68 submersible lights built in 13 premium leds beads, it’s more brighter, and it has 16 colors for choose, multiple modes(flash, fade, smooth), 4 timer button (2h, 4h, 6h, 24h), give you more choices, and create more beautiful atmosphere, it’s much different from other inground pool lights in marketing(6 colors, less flash mode options). The memory function remembers you last setting, no need to set again;
  • Upgraded RF Remote Range-MAX 164ft/50M-The pool lights work with RF remote, which can easily remote max 164ft/50m in air, 10ft/2m underwater. It will do well work on large pool and deep pool through walls, the RF remote can control multiple lights in one time, Notice: pool water would largely reduce the control range, please get closer to the light and control lights within 16.4ft when underwater;
  • Wide Applications-YOU can use it in wherever you want-The led lights are really very nice and brighter, you will find it working well in both wet and dry places, perfects not just for underwater, pool, hot tub, bathtub and pond decoration! They are also perfect for vase bases, stages, jewelry counters, and in showrooms, shops, and aquariums or fish tanks! You will decorate where you want with the IP68 Waterproof submersible lights;

Know More About KJOY Submersible LED Lights

  • Upgraded 13 leds;
  • Upgraded 16 Colors;
  • Upgraded 100% Waterproof;
  • Upgraded magnets function;
  • Upgraded suction cups function;
  • Upgraded 4 timer options;
  • Upgraded 10 Levels of brightness adjustment;
  • Upgraded RF remote range.


Know More about Suction cup and Magnet

  • 1.Suction cup can be used in both air and underwater on flat and smooth surfaces. But not work on rough surface.
  • 2.Please clean the surface before attaching, make sure there is no any stuff between the surface and suction cups. Especially, clean all the lubricant which may come from shower cream, moss in swimming pool etc. Any lubricant will defeat it, so clean the surface is very important before attaching suction cups.
  • 3.Please pull the suction cups vertically if you want to remove them, don’t pull it horizontally, it may pull out from the hole, there is the feature of design, it’s not suction cup problem. Please note, and use it in correct way.
  • 4.Magnet is perfect for any iron place which can be attracted by magnet, especially rough vertical surface, but not for smooth vertical surface, please use suction cup instead.
  • 5.This is all magnet feature, not our magnet’s problem, not matter how big is the magnet, they have the same advantage and disadvantage, if you cannot attach by magnet, please try other way.


Know More Tips About KJOY Submersible LED Lights

1. About product leaked: we have tested our products thousands, we are sure our products are 100% waterproof, but if you find the product leaked, please check if you have close the lights complete before you putting it into the water, So Please tighten this light as much as possible, otherwise, it will let water go inside;

2. About replace the batteries, please clean the water in the gap of lights before you replace the batteries, otherwise some water will flow into the battery case, and stay in the case. it will damage the components, and defeat the light in some time;

3. About the RF remote range, it will remote 100-164ft in air, but in water, it supports only 6.6ft/2m, because water will largely absorb signals, please remote closer when the remote control does not respond very good;


Know More about of RF Remote Control

  • 1.Please remove the plastic insulating film on the bottom of remote before using it.
  • 2.Please keep the remote dry from water, because it’s not waterproof, water will make it stop working.
  • 3.Please long press the button”on” for 2 seconds to activate the light before settingto make all lights light up together. Press longer if some lights don’t response on time.
  • 4.Press the botton “w” to check if all lights are showing white color, whichever brightness is darker, it means the light batteries are in low power, lower power will weaken the sensitivity of remote. If the light keep flashing red light, it means the batteries will be out of power soon, please change new batteries.
  • 5. Because water will largely absorb signals, so our lights support to remote max 6.6ft/2m underwater, please use remote within 16.4ft/5m totally including water and air, that’s, keep the remote close to the surface of the water, to ensure better and accurate control reaction.


Widely Used Underwater Submersible LED Lights

The waterproof LED base vase lights are not just for underwater – pool, hot tub, bathtub, pond, fountain, vases, aquarium, fish tank, etc. Also perfectly apply to decorate a variety of parties, wedding, stage, disco, shopping malls, jewelry stores, showrooms, showcase, cabinet, museums, shops, aquarium light fixture, fish Tank light, family bulbs and other occasions like Halloween, Christmas!


Package included:

Very 2 led submersible lights (battery NOT included) come with 1 RFremote, 1 user manual, 4 suction cups

Please note: product may be occasionally damaged during transportation, please feel free to let me know If you receive any defective items, we will do our best to solve your problem


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Outdoor LED Submersible Light IP68 Waterproof 4PCS 13 LED Underwater Lights for Pond Pool Fountain Aquarium Vase Tub Bathtube Decoration Colorful Lamp with Remote Control
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