Portable Home Sterilizer

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Portable Home Cleanser Helps Protect Homes from Filth and Grime

Eliminate the accumulated foulness with elegant, scientific method: UV-C light removes the majority of the filth from surrounding air and surfaces!

  • Effective: Portable Home Cleanser Helps Protect Homes from Filth and Grime
  • Reliable: Scientifically Proven, Effective Technology
  • Portable: Compact and Convenient, Freshen Up Any Room in 360 Degree Radius

How to use Sterilizer

Order: Get your Sterilizer portable UVC devicePress and Hold: Press and hold the turn on button for 3 secs.Wait: Leave Sterilizer to work for 30 minutes.Enjoy: Return to the room and enjoy refreshingly crisp air!

Safeguard Home and Improve Air Quality with Effective Portable UV-C Lamp

My home is my fortress, ensuring safety and protection to what matters the most. But is it really  Every corner of our bathrooms, kitchens or the baby nurseries might be contaminated with grime and filth. Sterilizer cleansing lamp uses scientifically proven UV-C light technology to efficiently remove the majority of the accumulated foulness from the immediate vicinity + improves the general air quality.

Unlike the liquid-based cleaning products Sterilizer leaves no residue or secondary pollution, nor does it require any effort to use! Just turn it on and leave the room. It is that easy. Cleansing lamp’s compact design guarantees maximum portability: place the device anywhere and it will cleanse the room in 360 degree radius leaving no corners untouched! Sterilizer is rechargeable and will safeguard any home for a long time to come.

How effective is Sterilizer

Sterilize Any Room in 360 radius




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Portable Home Sterilizer
$105.33 $79.00
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