Qgrips – Ear Wax Removal Tool

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Qgrips is the new alternative to traditional q-tips. It’s the safest way to clean your ears. Qgrips unique shape fits your ears perfectly, cleaning them thoroughly. It comes with sixteen different silicone tips that are reusable and washable.They are easy to remove and replace.

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Introducing Qgrips

The new alternative to traditional q-tips is here. Don’t harm your ears with those dangerous white sticks with cotton edges.Traditional q-tips are not supposed to be used for cleaning your ear canal.

“Qgrips will clean your ears thoroughly in the safest way possible”

Our ears are extremely sensitive.With traditional q-tips you can break your middle ear bones or pierce your eardrum.If you read the box, there’s a small hidden disclaimer that says not to use them in your ear canal.You should avoid traditional q-tips at all costs.

Using traditional q-tips, pencils, or keys will push the ear wax deeper rather than clean it.Qgrips is the new safe way to clean your ears.

Qgrips comes with a long spiral tip that makes sure to clean your ear thoroughly. It is carefully designed to fit the unique shape of your ears.

Qgrips Is The Safest Way To Clean Your Ears

Qgrips is easy to use. All you have to do is turn the swab in the direction indicated on the handle. You will immediately start to notice how different it feels to have thoroughly clean ears.Qgrips will reach those areas that cheap q-tips would never be able to.

It is recommended to wash it after every use. Since the tips are made of silicone and plastic, they are reusable.

With Qgrips, you don’t have to push or pull to get a good cleaning. Thanks to its modern design, it is carefully made to clean your ears thoroughly.

Qgrips ear wax removal comes with sixteen tips.They are easy to remove or replace. They twist on and off for quick and easy cleaning. You won’t need to replace the spiral tip often. You can use it for more than once since they are washable.The sixteen tips will last you for a long time.

You will be helping to save the environment by not creating additional waste with q-tips every time you clean your ears. The amount of q-tips people use daily is two to five, which is enough to make waste in our environment. This ear wax removal tool produces less waste since it has reusable and washable silicone tips.

How To Use Qgrips

  1. Gently insert the silicone tip and put Qgrips on your ear.
  2. Start with a slow twist
  3. The soft silicone will gently take out the ear wax.
  4. Do a couple of more twists.
  5. Your ears will be cleaned thoroughly.

The shape and material of the tip is designed to keep your ear canal safe.The twists will fit perfectly into the shape of your ear canals.Do not over-clean your ears, as it is beneficial for some ear wax to remain to prevent ear infections. No more scraping or scratching. Clean your ears safe and easy.

Qgrips Features

  • Rotating ear cleaner.
  • Clean your ears without hurting them.
  • Made of plastic and soft silicone.
  • Lightweight and safe to use.
  • The spiral tip enables it to clean spots where q-tips can’t reach.
  • Protect the environment by avoiding unnecessary waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the tips be used more than once?

Yes, the Qgrips silicone tips are reusable and washable. They can be used many times.

Does it come with more than one tip?

Yes, the package includes sixteen silicone tips.?

Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the instructions manual will be included in the package.


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Qgrips - Ear Wax Removal Tool
$70.99 $35.99
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