Red Light Therapy Devices at home

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  • FDA Approved & CE Cleared to treat arthritis pain, joint pain and muscular aches
  • Painless, Easy & Safe treatments
  • Promotes faster healing
  • Reduce aches & pains with 5-minute sessions
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ClinicRed™ Works Great

For Anyone With The Following Conditions

From hardcore athletes to overworked healthcare providers and anyone in between, this patented medical device provides deep, penetrating pain relief that you’ll never want to be without. Use it to alleviate …

  • Arthritis Pain / Joint Pain / Acute Pain / Chronic Pain / Lower Back Pain

  • Knee Pain / Hip Flexor Pain / Wrist Pain / Achy Hands / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Tendonitis / Ankle Sprains / Achy Feet / Sciatica Nerve Pain / Shoulder Soreness

  • Muscle Spasms / Muscular Aches & Pains

Feel The Difference With Clinically-Proven Red & Infrared Technology

This state-of-the-art class 2 medical device uses red and infrared light waves to provide natural relief. Red and infrared light have been used to treat pain since the 1990s. Researchers discovered that the therapy works well for mild discomfort to severe pain by penetrating the skin, muscle tissues, and joints at different depths.

While red and infrared light both exist on the same end of the light spectrum, infrared light is not detectable by the human eye.

But the differences go beyond visible detection. Because both forms of light have the ability to exert their own effects on living cells. Those differences will be explained in a moment.

There’s something that you need to understand about your body first…

An Overview Of Infrared Light In Your Body

Your body already makes and uses a natural form of infrared light called Biophotons to communicate between cells.

1.Biophotons carry information that affects the health and reproduction of cells.

2.When your body’s natural infrared light is exposed to artificial light, injured cells start to heal. Plus, endorphins are released that help regulate the number of pain signals that are circulating in the location.

3.Low-level laser light therapy interrupts the pain process by delivering electrons back to injured cells. This also aids with healing.

4.The body needs multiple wavelengths of laser energy to treat different disorders.

Here’s How Artificial
Red Light Affects Your Body

Red light penetrates the skin at the surface and muscular tissue levels. It works by getting the cells in the area to reproduce faster. This causes healthy new cells to emerge and replace the old damaged cells. It also increases the flow of nutrient-rich blood in the area which leads to faster cell regeneration.



Here’s How Artificial
Infrared Light Affects Your Body

Infrared light penetrates deep down to the hard-to-reach areas- like the nerves, joints, and bones. The presence of infrared light in these areas stimulates an increase in nutrient-rich blood flow, promotes cellular regeneration, and prevents cellular death that leads to deep tissue damage.



The Only Device With Patented Tri-Spectrum Technology At 630, 660, and 850 NM Wavelengths

ClinicRed™ provides red and infrared wavelengths that can deliver targeted light therapy to your body wherever you need it.

And wherever you focus the beam you can take comfort knowing that the red and Infrared lights are penetrating down to different depths.


Tri Spectrum TechnologyTM 630, 660 wavelengh into skin and 850 wavelength using infrared light to reach even deeper

630NM-Red Light penetrates just beyond the surface level of the skin to help with correcting cosmetic issues. As injured skin can often have scars and blemishes.

660NM-Red Light penetrates down to the top surface level of the muscle and can assist with any damage caused in that area.

850NM-Infrared Light penetrates all the way down to the bone to assist with cellular repair and restoration deep down.


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Red Light Therapy Devices at home
$189.90 $144.90
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