RetractoShade-2021 New Car Interior Protective Shade

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A New High-Quality Convenient Device That Protects You And Your Car Interior From High Ultra-Violet Heat During The Scorching Sun.

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A Scorching Sunburn Can Be A Pain In The Ass…


There are plenty of things to enjoy about the summer, but how hot the interior of your car gets after it’s parked in the sun for a few hours is definitely not one of them. If you’ve ever sat on leather seats, touched the steering wheel, or tried to put on your seat belt in a broiling car, it can feel like placing your hand on a hot stovetop right?

Have you ever been blown by a blast of hot air in your face when opened the door?

Have you ever been burned when you put your hand on the steering wheel? Especially on the metal seat-belt buckle!

Have you ever used the folded cumbersome cardboard sunshade, it doesn’t stay up in your window at all and it is not easy to storage?

Have you ever used the wire-propping sunshade, the wire easily broke and poked through the material; and also have not figured out how to fold it back up.

The solution?

Introducing the all-new 2021 RetractoShade

A device that protects your car’s interior components (dashboard, steering wheel, leather seat & arm-rest, and back-speaker covers) from damage as a result of sunburn.

The RetractoShade also protects you and your child from scorching heat when accessing your car during this sunny weather.

The RetractoShade Is All You Need To Enjoy Your Car Interior In Today’s Sunny Weather
(Built To Last And Easy To Use)…

Easy To Assemble And Install

The RetractoShade is very easy to assemble and install in only 3mins it is set up. No high tech experience required. It’s so easy that even your 7-year-old could assemble and install it too.

Easy To Pull And Retract

Only takes you 2 seconds to pull/return the RetractoShade from the passenger side to the driver’s side of the windshield

Four Layer Aluminum & PE Film

The Retractoshade is designed for layers that help reflect the UV rays, thereby reducing the amount of interior heat by 70%-80%. The layers are;

  • Aluminum foil layer.
  • Plastic insulation layer.
  • High-density shading cloth.
  • Isolate heat clothing


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RetractoShade-2021 New Car Interior Protective Shade
Starting From $47.95$166.95
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