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150LB (70KG)
150LB (70KG)
150LB (70KG) + BAR
150LB (70KG) + BAR
280LB (130KG)
280LB (130KG)
280LB (130KG) + BAR
280LB (130KG) + BAR
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Our newest bodybuilding band set offers 280LBS (130KG) of resistance (highest on the market) and features our custom-designed, foldable bench press bar. Perform bicep curls, bench press, skull crushers, squats and hundreds of other exercises from our workout guide.

All our bands are constructed from high-grade materials and are securely fastened to heavy-duty metal carabiners. To increase the versatility of our bands we also include a set of our soft touch anti-sweat handles. Each band can quickly be unclipped from our secure D-ring mechanism to adjust resistance levels from 10lbs (4.5KG) all the way to 280lbs (130KG). Bands can be used in conjunction with our supplied door anchor (installed correctly these won’t place any strain on the door). The bands can also be secured by standing on them or wrapping them around secure objects while outdoors.

Included is a digital workout guide filled with videos and workout plans so you have everything you need to get started. You will also receive a private Facebook community invite with daily workouts, tips & tricks from like-minded fitness enthusiasts.

We take pride in the quality of our products and conduct routine testing of over 5000 stretches per band to ensure longevity, however for peace of mine we also include a five-year warranty with free replacements should a break occur. We have gathered thousands of 5-star reviews from happy customers and been featured in the news for our unique product design, simplicity, and cost-effective way to build muscle from home or on-the-go.

For strength and muscle gains, go heavy with bands stacked together and perform your exercises slow and steady to challenge your muscles, while promoting growth at low reps. For toning and weight loss, choose a medium to light resistance and perform each exercise with higher reps to raise your heart rate and get a fat-burning workout like no other!

If you are skeptical that you can produce muscle with our resistance bands – read our Resistance Bands vs Free Weights Debate by Dr. Jim Stoppani.

Included in set:

  • 5 different strength resistance bands
  • 2 anti-sweat TRP rubber handles
  • 2 neoprene padded ankle straps
  • Universal padded door mount
  • Double Reinforced D-Ring Mechanism
  • Digital workout guide (video content & workout plans)
  • Carry bag


  • Resistance band bar (Included in + BAR versions)
  • 130lb (60kg) add-on bands (Included in 280lbs/130kg versions)


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