The First Leveraged Calf Stretching Tool

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It is the world’s first leveraged calf stretching device. It holds your heel in the perfect position to safely, easily and effectively give you the world’s deepest stretch.

No risk of injury — get complete leverage and a full stretch from heel to hip clinically-proven, portable.

You’re probably thinking, “Why can’t I just stretch on a wall?” It’s a valid question. The simple answer: a wall or curb just doesn’t provide enough leverage to adequately stretch your calves.

A slipping foot and insecure base makes it difficult to get the right angles, the correct fulcrum point and enough leverage for a deep, safe stretch.

Your calves require more than body weight to stretch as your calf muscle is part of a lever system (how else do you think your calf can lift your entire body weight at that compact size?). our calf strentch tool gives you a deeper leveraged stretch with max torque by holding your heel in place acting as a fulcrum point — a wall or curb can’t do this.

Using a wall or curb also forcibly bends your toes and foot backwards and loads weight on your heel. This adds extra stress to an already inflamed Plantar Fascia and can lead to other foot injuries and problems.

Unlike other calf stretches and devices, Our product doesn’t bend the toes backwards, supports your heel, provides a firm, non-slip base, gives unprecedented leverage, and can be used with shoes, socks, or barefoot when you need it most!



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The First Leveraged Calf Stretching Tool
$118.66 $89.00
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