The Perfect Chef’s Knife

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Why are Good Knives so Expensive?

Most high-end cooking tools come with a serious price markup.

immersed in a culture that loved cooking and food as a new chef ?? our founder quickly realized that good, quality kitchen tools truly made a difference in his food. When he tried to replace a high-quality $300 pan that a friend had lost, he was blown away by the price tags for quality kitchen tools.

After some research he realized that most high-end cooking tools come with a serious price markup, and shouldn??t actually cost as much as they do

What Makes a Great Knife?

A great knife should feel good in your hand, stay sharp, and hold up over time to the rigors of your kitchen. Simple, right? But behind these deceptively simple concepts are centuries of tradition, technology, design, and craft.

Stays Sharp & Durable

The knife world is split into two major players: German steel, known for its toughness and durability; and Japanese steel, known for its razor-sharp edge. Rather than pick a side, we opted to cherry pick the best qualities from each to create the ultimate hybrid.

The end result? A knife that stays incredibly sharp, but will also remain durable over the long haul.

Steel & Carbon Balance

Choosing the right steel is a delicate balancing act: too much hardness creates a brittle knife, while too little means a blade will dull fast.

With 2x the carbon content of steel used by some competitors, the AUS-10 steel in our Chef??s Knife is the perfect sweet spot that??ll keep your knife strong and sharp over time.

Unique Sloped Bolster

Our unique sloped bolster pulls double duty: the sloped shape encourages a proper ??pinch grip?? for comfort and control, while the bolster??s placement creates better access to the full length of the blade.

Premium AUS-10 Steel

The Chef??s Knife is made with AICHI AUS-10 steel, which offers an even better balance between lasting sharpness and durability with 2X the carbon content of some other ??premium?? knives.

15?? Blade Angle

While most Western-style knives have edge angles of 25 degrees, we use more acute 15 degree angles for a noticeably sharper cutting face.


Handcrafted Down to the Smallest Detail

We spent four years developing this knife because every little detail matters. And partly because we??re a bit insane.

At every step along the way, our knife was hand-tested and refined by professional chefs, avid home cooks, product designers, and people who??ve never even held a knife before. We painstakingly went through 37 different prototypes until we knew we had the perfect knife.

The final result? A knife that??s a pleasure to hold, easy to maneuver, sharp enough to plow through even the toughest foods, and a blade that stays sharper longer.

We Could Charge a Lot, But We’d Prefer Not To

We could easily charge $150 for a knife like some other companies based on the quality and design. But $65 is fair.

By partnering closely with our factories and selling directly to you online, we??re able to offer incredible cookware at wholesale pricing. Better materials, lower price. It??s a simple maxim that we take seriously at Misen.


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The Perfect Chef's Knife
$86.66 $65.00
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