Therapulse Eye Massager

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  • Relieve Head-Splitting Headaches With Ease
    Engineered to eliminate eye fatigue & tension using acupuncture points.
  • Give Your Eyes A Break
    Quiet your mind & drift into a state of deep relaxation. Therapulse makes it easy!
    Foldable & rechargeable, so you can refresh your mind & body wherever you go! Battery lasts for 4 hours.

    Pick from 5 therapeutic modes to find the perfect pain relief for you & enjoy lasting health benefits.
    Get your Therapulse today and say goodbye to low energy, bad moods, and sleep problems!


  • Refresh Dry Eyes–Soothes eye strain & fatigue caused by staring at screens.
  • Improve Sleep–Quiet your mind to sleep better & fall asleep faster.
  • More Energy–Start every day with a smile knowing you outsmarted your pain.
  • Reduce Stress–Releases tension in your body & relaxes your mind.
  • Eliminate Eye Bags–Stimulates blood flow to rejuvenate skin & reduce puffiness.
  • Relieve Migraines–A reliable solution to relieve and prevent headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How long until I see results?

A recent study we conducted on our customers showed that 97% felt their headache, tension, or migraine felt “considerably” better after just 15 minutes of use!

So, we recommend using Therapulse a minimum once a day for 15 minutes for at least 3 weeks to ensure meaningful long-term results.

2.What are the different massage modes?

The Therapulse Eye Massager includes 5 different modes which you can choose from:

Relief Mode: Vibrate + Pressure + Heat + Music
Relax Mode: Vibrate + Pressure + Music
Eye Mode: Heat + Air pressure + Music
Alleviation Mode: Air pressure + Music
Sleep Mode: Heat + Music
*You can always turn off the built-in music or connect it to your own device through Bluetooth to listen to your own preferred song or meditation!

3.Do you have instructions?

The Therapulse Eye Massager is extremely easy to use! Just take it out of the box, turn it on, and cover your eyes, and drift away.

There are no complicated programming options. Press the “on” button for 2 seconds to turn the device on. Another press of the button will switch to the next mode. Want music? Press the music button. That’s it. Also, the buttons are placed, so you can find them easily while wearing it, so you can easily switch modes during the session.

If you’re having trouble operating it, here is a complete description of each button and the display screen:

4.Does it have to be plugged in?

No! The Therapulse is completely wireless. No power outlets are required (besides for charging). The battery can run for about 4 hours on each charge.

Relax anytime, anywhere, in your bed, on a plane, in the car back seat or wherever you like!


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Therapulse Eye Massager
$148.90 $84.90
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