U-Shaped Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace with Stays

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Patella Knee Brace with Stays

This patellar tracking brace features a u-shaped buttress that supports the kneecap. The sewn in buttress also helps keep the kneecap in its proper position.

The patella stabilizer brace is softer than a hinged knee immobilizer but still flexible. It also includes spiral stays that prevent the dislocated kneecap brace from rolling or bunching.

The patellar stabilizing brace can help with the following conditions:

  • Patella subluxation
  • Dislocated kneecap
  • Patellofemoral tracking syndrome
  • Patella alta/baja
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Other patellar tendon injuries

If one sustains a more serious injury involving the ligament tears and the like, surgery and/or an immobilizing knee brace may be needed.

The tubular patella tracking knee brace compresses the tissues around the kneecap, which is great for reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

But the patellar tracking disorder brace is open at the kneecap and the popliteal area at the back of the knee. The open kneecap area of the stabilizing knee brace keeps pressure off a sore kneecap as it moves within the opening of the support.

The open popliteal area of the patella stabilizing knee brace prevents bunching and makes the support more flexible for movement.

Both of these openings also enhance the breathability of the cooling knee brace.

The material of the knee brace to hold the kneecap in place is also quite breathable and comfortable to wear. It allows both heat and moisture to escape, adding to its appeal as one of the best knee braces for patella tracking disorder.

The knee brace patella stabilizer can be hand washed in warm water and mild soap. It should be air-dried. High temps should not be used to wash or dry the brace.

Straps below and above the knee cap hold the knee brace with patella stabilizer in place. This is important since wearing knee braces to keep the kneecap in place do little good if they are sliding down the leg. The fasteners of the strap allow a high degree of sizing adjustment.

Around six inches of material should reside above the mid-knee cap if the knee brace patella support is properly applied.

Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace to Keep Kneecap in Place

This is one of the best knee braces for patellar instability stemming from a wide variety of injuries or conditions that compromise one’s patellar tracking.

Patellar tendonitis, also known as jumper’s knee, is a common ailment among athletes whose sports require frequent jumping or kicking. Such repeated stressors on the patellar tendon that connects the kneecap to the shinbone can irritate and inflame it, causing pain. (Learn more about jumper’s knee).

A patellar tendon strap can tack down the tendon, easing discomfort. The interior u-shaped buttress of this particular torn patella tendon knee brace works similarly. Plus a full knee brace for severe patellar tendonitis has the added benefit of compressing and supporting the tissues around the kneecap.

Another possible sports injury involving the kneecap is a dislocated or subluxated patella. These refer to the patella slipping fully or partially out of its groove, causing severe pain and instability. Treatment for a dislocated knee will involve a period of immobilization via a cast or a patella immobilizer brace, followed by gradual mobilization of the knee and physical therapy to regain strength and range of motion.

Unfortunately, dislocating one’s patella leaves one substantially more vulnerable to recurrent injuries. Therefore, this buttress is a particularly popular knee brace for a dislocated kneecap. The sewn-in u-shaped buttress stabilizes the patella and helps the kneecap to track as it should. The flexible design and breathable material help make this one of the best braces for patellar subluxation treatment.

Besides its actual application as a knee brace that holds the patella in its proper position during movement, it also offers peace of mind that one’s knee will not give way or buckle during a game.

This is also a great knee immobilizer for patellar tracking disorder where the kneecap shifts out of place as the leg bends or straightens. This might be caused by weak thigh muscles, tight or loose soft tissues of the leg, repeated knee stressors, traumatic injury to the knee like a dislocation, or patella baja or patella alta where the kneecap sits abnormally low or high relative to the femoral groove, respectively.

A knee brace for patellar instability can help correct the kneecap’s alignment and improve its function. Another benefit of a patella knee brace with a u-shaped buttress is that this is a non-invasive and cost-efficient way to manage one’s symptoms.

Most of these injuries can be treated conservatively without surgery. But in the rare cases where surgery is necessary, one might consider a bilateral hinged knee brace with patella buttress. After a period of immobilization has come to an end, this brace can support the knee after patella surgery as one gets back to normal activity.

Key Features of Patellar Tracking Brace

This open kneecap sleeve has a number of qualities that make it a comfortable solution for treating patellar tracking problems and other sources of kneecap pain. Following is a list of them.

  • Knee stabilizer brace with u-shaped buttress
  • Inferior buttress is sewn in so it stays put
  • Patellar instability brace helps with patellar tracking
  • Brace for knee pain when bending supports the knee
  • Patellar braces include spiral stays that keep it from rolling over or bunching
  • Knee brace for patella support has openings at the patella and popliteal area
  • Open popliteal and patella improves breathability and flexibility of the support
  • Material of this bilateral patellar subluxation brace allows heat and moisture to escape
  • Breathable knee tracking brace is lightweight and comfortable
  • Two fastener strap closures allow a customized, secure fit
  • Indications: patella subluxation and dislocation, patella-femoral tracking syndrome, patella alta/baja, patella tendon injuries
  • Can also be used after a period of immobilization following surgery
  • Black knee brace for small patellar tendon tears
  • The patella support knee brace is 13″ tall
  • Plus-sizes of this patella tracking support is available, up to 4XL


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U-Shaped Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace with Stays
$84.99 $59.99
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