ChiroSage Neck & Shoulder Massager (UK-50)

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The ChiroSage Shoulder Massager is a revolutionary addition to the world of therapeutic massagers. Featuring the most advanced kneading mechanism available, we redesigned the massage rollers from our full body massage chairs and reduced it into one compact and portable unit.

Feel your pain melt away as the ChiroSage performs deep tissue Shiatsu massage through powerful strokes, grabbing the top of the shoulders and mimicking the hand kneading motion of a real masseuse.

The ChiroSage is strategically designed to target trigger points and thoroughly release pent up pressure and relieve soreness. Combined with soothing heat compression, the ChiroSage is the answer to neck and shoulder pain.

  • Dual Shoulder & Neck Action – The latest in massage robotics, featuring mechanisms modeled after that of a full body massage chair, providing comprehensive coverage of the neck and shoulder areas

  • Powerful Tru 3D Shiatsu Kneading ?C 3D massage rollers provide a powerful grip on the neck much like real human hands, and performs deep shiatsu grabbing motion on the top of the shoulders

  • Soothing Heat Therapy ?C Penetrating heat promotes circulation and comforting relief

  • Massage On The Go – Cordless portability combined with hands-free design allows for massage anytime and anywhere

  • Multi-Purpose Design – The ergonomic shape of the ChiroSage allows for powerful massage on different areas of the body – try it on your lumbar, thighs, and even calves


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ChiroSage Neck & Shoulder Massager (UK-50)
$198.00 $138.00
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