Adapt Cable Trainer

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Adapt Cable Machine Trainer

This wall-mounted Cable Machine includes everything you need to immediately transform your workouts. Its space-saving design, low profile wall track, and resistance system enables you to target every muscle in the body.

The Adapt Cable Trainer is the ultimate home cable machine. Easy to install, affordable, and fun to use, turn your workouts into something you really enjoy. Pick one up today and take your home workout to the next level.

Adapt Cable Trainer Features

  • Cable:?Metal cased, 4.6ft cable length, 6 settings of linear resistance
  • Rope:?Enables dual arm exercises in a neutral grip for arms for upper body
  • Handle:?Targets major muscles and perform unilateral exercises for the entire body
  • Ankle:?Isolates lower body muscles including hips, glutes and hamstrings
  • Track:?5ft of wall track with 9 positions for all body heights and exercise types
  • Guide:?User instructions for immediate setup and use
  • Install:?Screws and guide for easy install to all wall types
  • Workouts:?Free access to the ADAPT library of workouts


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Adapt Cable Trainer
$465.33 $349.00
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