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The Sad Secret About Nonstick Pans

No matter what, all nonstick pans eventually stop working.

The nonstick skillet is a cooking essential for eggs and delicate foods, but it has always been a frustrating product for us. Because no matter what, all nonstick pans eventually stop working when the coating wears off. There’s no magic fix for this.

So you have two options. One, buy cheap nonstick pans that may last a few months. Two, shell out for expensive ones that may last a bit longer but will still need to be replaced. Both options are bad. So we decided to create something better.

No gimmicks, and no marketing BS.

Just a high-end nonstick pan with the absolute best coating you can find that will last for a really long time sold for a fair and affordable price.

Why Nonstick Starts Sticking

Most pans lose over 50% of their nonstick surface within the first year.

Even the cheapest nonstick pans will work as advertised the first few times you use it. But you’ll quickly notice that little by little, the pan becomes dull and no longer as slick. Most pans will lose over 50% of their nonstick surface within the first year.

That’s because they use inferior nonstick coatings and poor construction. We created something different: the new Nonstick System.


What to Know Before You Buy Nonstick Cookware

Find out what primer and coating is being used this will impact how long the pan will last.

Is the pan constructed with a thick bowl A thicker bowl results in even heating and browning.

How does it feel in your hand. Make sure it has a comfortable and heat resistant handle for easy maneuvering.

That’s it. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your money.

What Makes a Great Nonstick?

Our pan combines the highest quality (and safest) nonstick surface with a unique plasma primer that helps the nonstick perform better than pans that cost over $130, at a fraction of the price.

Even Heating

The 4.2MM thick aluminum base provides even and reliable heat distribution.

Long Lasting Surface

We use a PFOA-Free, 3-layer Dupont Platinum Coating for superior and long-lasting release.

Comfortable to Hold

The stay-cool silicone grip with a textured underside for provides comfort and control

A Revolutionary Nonstick Surface

The New Nonstick System is made of two key parts: an industry-leading, PFOA-Free Nonstick Coating, and an innovative Plasma Primer. Both elements work together to form a Nonstick System that is absurdly durable, and 2.5 times more effective than traditional surfaces.

That’s because traditional surfaces use inferior nonstick coatings and poor construction.

More Space to Cook Your Food

Due to sloped walls, most 10 ” pans only give you about 8″ of actual cooking space. We meticulously engineered ours to provide the maximum amount of cooking area roughly 19% more than some premium cookware brands.

The result Extra space allowing for more food, cooked well, without overcrowding.

Our Features

Superior Nonstick Coating

For our pan we use Dupont’s premier 3-Layer Platinum coating, modified to work even better with our Plasma Primer. This PFOA-Free coating is Dupont’s most scratch and abrasion resistant nonstick finish.

Even Heating Bowl

We use a 4.2 millimeter thick, commercial-grade aluminum system. This ensures a flat, even cooking surface and provides fantastic heat distribution for superior cooking.

Ergonomic Handle

Our pan has a cast stainless steel handle, riveted to the base for a strong, reliable connection that lasts. It also has a removable stay-cool silicone grip with a textured underside for incredible comfort and control.

Stress Tested

We spent months testing this pan to make sure it would be incredibly durable. Using a low-profile shaking machine, we performed a series of forced abrasion tests to simulate long-term wear. We tested the New Nonstick Pan against many other nonstick pans without a Plasma Primer: Cheap Pans, Expensive Pans, and even Ceramic Pans.

We also cooked over 5,000 eggs in our test kitchen to ensure the quality of the pan and we’re positive there’s no better pan out there.

We Could Charge A Lot, But We’d Prefer Not To

We could easily charge $130 for this pan  like some other companies do based on the quality and design. But $55 is fair.

By partnering closely with our factories and selling directly to you online, we’re able to offer incredible cookware at wholesale pricing. Better materials, lower price. It’s a simple maxim that we take it seriously.

Our Nonstick Pan Outperformed Them All

After rigorous testing, it was clear that our nonstick surface lasted longer than any other pan we tested. Some over $100 more expensive than ours.

A Better Nonstick



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Nonstick Pan
$73.33 $55.00
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