The Play Gym

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The play gym that gives you a whole year of play

Give your child the best possible start with the play gym that gives you a whole year of play. We did all the research to bring your child the best stage-based play gym for their developing brain. The Parents’ Choice award-winning play gym includes everything your child needs in an activity gym and play mat—from batting to teething to learning to focus—for playtime and tummy time with purpose. Designed by child development experts and crafted with safe, healthy and durable materials for babies ages 0+.

Everything’s included
(except the baby)

Organic cotton high contrast ball

A Montessori classic, it’s detachable and ideally shaped for grasping, passing from hand to hand, and rolling.

Batting ring

Ergonomically designed for batting and grasping. Bell and castanet sounds approved by sleep-deprived parents.

Organic cotton teether

Made with organic cotton, detachable, and perfect for mouthing.

Teething rings

We include BPA-free silicone rings for safe, comfortable teething.

Black and white card set

For the first 12 weeks, babies will be riveted by our high contrast images that gradually get more complex.

Mirror card set

Look at that adorable face in the mirror, who is that?

Common objects card set

Reinforce your baby’s first words with pictures of objects they see every day.

Faces card set

Babies are naturally curious about other babies. Build vocabulary with friendly faces.

Learn to focus

Your baby will be mesmerized. These changeable images were expertly designed to match their visual development.

Exploring colors

Make tummy time fun with soft color tabs to explore.
By month 5, babies can see in color and in 3D.

Making sounds

Kick or press for early lessons in cause and effect.

How things feel

As hand control develops, your baby will naturally love reaching and touching these different textures.

Hiding and finding

Your baby will be fascinated when they discover the hidden ring is still in the pocket, even when it can’t be seen.

Play space cover

The gym becomes a cozy fort for your growing baby and their friends to play.


  • Baby-tested removable accessories:
    -Organic Cotton High Contrast Montessori Ball
    -Sustainably-sourced Wooden Batting Ring
    -Organic Cotton Teether with BPA-free Silicone Ring
  • System of interchangeable cards:
    -Black and White
  • Five development zones on the Play Mat that reveal or conceal to prevent overstimulation and promote learning:
    -Learning to focus
    -Making sounds
    -How things feel
    -Hiding and finding
    -Exploring colors
    -Play Space Cover for imaginative play
  • Play Guide with inspiration and activities from child development specialists
  • This product meets or exceeds global safety standards for babies and children

Product Specifications:

  • Product size, mat zones closed (cm): 60.7H x 96.5W x 109.2L
  • Product size, mat zones open (cm): 60.7H x 127W x 119.4L


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The Play Gym
$186.66 $140.00
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