Aimicat, The Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

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Tidy and Hygienic Smart Litter Box for Your Furry Friends

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Are your kitties regularly leaving smelly surprises around the house?

Does cat litter upkeep often feel too troublesome to even bother with?

Aimicat is a simple, convenient answer for all your cat litter concerns.


No more shoveling cat poop by hand ?C simply plug it in and let Aimicat?Smart Litter Box do the dirty work for you! Aimicat?uses intelligent sensors that instantly recognize and remove feces?and?automatically?replaces the litter.


Cats LOVE automatic litter boxes!?Cats are proven to be far more likely to use and love Aimicat than any traditional litter box, because it??s consistently clean!


Aimicat was created to make the lives of cats and their humans as comfortable as possible. The spherical shape of the litter container has seen countless design iterations, to ensure that every cat feels at home in their Aimicat.


And there??s a bonus??C? Aimicat’s extreme litter efficiency saves you 4 times the amount of cat litter when using a traditional litter box, potentially reducing litter costs by upwards of $600 a year!



No More Hassle??


Your furry friends will be forever grateful ?C and so will you!


Aimicat’s smart design detects and disposes of used cat litter so that you don’t have to. With its custom-built litter filter, sensor system, and deodorizing system – Aimicat is well-equipped to be the ultimate cat litter solution for your home.



The?Cat’s Pajamas

As the daintiest and tidiest creatures we know, cats respond overwhelmingly positively to the comfort that Aimicat brings to their homes. Aimicat?uses simple but smart technology which?detects?when your cat is doing??C?and is finished?with??C?its business, then automatically removes the soiled litter.



It??s been researched and proven that cat poop can contain a common parasite?that often results in a disease?called?Toxoplasmosis. With symptoms that include fever,? fatigue, and?muscle pain??C?it can cause a lot of complications, especially in pregnant women and young children. Aimicat?ensures that you and your family stay safe by taking care of the dirty work!


No More Smells

That??s not all, either ?C Aimicat??s filtration system eliminates odors so that your home can be kept smelling and feeling fresh. Aimicat has the power to completely free up your hands and your time, so that you can thoroughly enjoy the company of your kitties.



Subtle & Convenient


Ergonomically designed for ultimate kitty comfort!



Freedom from cat poop?has never been easier ?C?Aimicat?ensures?a clean box for your cats and peace of mind for you.? Its subtle design and ultra-quiet motor make it a perfect fit for any feline home. Your feline companion won’t be the only one to benefit from the Aimicat though; we’ve made it super easy to maintain, and the ultra-quiet motor we just mentioned will provide you with a worry free-sleep!


Easy Upkeep


No maintenance or disassembly is required??C simply reset the litter sand with the click of a button!?Want to give your?Aimicat?a deep clean? Just take the top dome off and run it under a tap or garden hose! Taking out the trash is also super convenient, with the Aimicat’s used-litter compartment just snap up the bag, it’s as easy as that!


It’s not just your cat that benefits!?Aimicat is completely cat- and human-approved, thanks to the comfort and cleanliness it provides, cats will always feel right at home in their Aimicat. Designed with a minimalistic?aesthetic that fits perfectly in any home. Whether it??s in the background or?featured?as a?centerpiece,? it??s simple to maintain and will never look out of place.





Aimicat??s smart design removes odors in several ways, not just by automatically removing cat poop! The primary material inside the container is a cat-approved, elastic, non-stick silicone ?C perfectly customized for Aimicat??s rotating and odor-expunging functions. Its flexible elasticity is both gentle to the touch and completely eliminates residue while rotating and cleansing. Aimicat was tested over 2,000 times without failure to ensure that your cats always feel snug and fresh.



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Aimicat, The Best Automatic Cat Litter Box
$329.90 $279.90
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