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Features Of The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Take your home to the next level by making it your dream oasis with the Everlasting Comfort Diffuser for Essential Oils. Soothe your mind, body, and soul with your favorite scents by adding a few drops and some water to this high-output oil diffuser that can fill an entire room with an incredible aroma.

This product’s design is beautiful; it has a flower vase shape that’s small enough to fit anywhere in your home. You can choose between gorgeous light wood or dark wood to match the aesthetic in the house.

If you’re looking for the all-around best essential oil diffuser, you’ve found it. Here’s a rundown of some incredible benefits you’ll experience with this diffuser:

-High capacity unit

This unit has a 400mL tank which can provide you with over 13 hours of diffusion before it needs to be refilled. That means you can have an entire day of oil diffusion without having to refill the tank. Most other oil diffusers only have 200mL of capacity, so this one definitely leads the pack in terms of volume.

-Variety of LED lights

This unit comes with seven different LED lights that you can choose between while it’s turned on. Colors include yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple, violet, and red. You can choose any one of these colors and select high or low to really set the mood in the room. You can also choose the carousel option for the colors to alternate in a rainbow pattern.

-Multiple timer options

Your essential oil needs vary from day-to-day, so you need a diffuser that can match your schedule. With the Everlasting Comfort oil diffuser, you can set a time for one hour, three hours, six hours, or put it on a continuous timer. When low water is detected, this unit will automatically shut off to protect it from any damage.

-Mist output variability

Whether you want a soft, gentle essential oil aroma or a powerful one, this unit can meet your needs. You can choose between a low (30mL per hour) or a high (50mL per hour) mist output.

-Provides incredible therapeutic benefits

This powerful oil diffuser not only fills your room with a beautiful scent, but it disperses therapeutic effects depending on which oil you choose. Add a few drops of oil into the diffuser with some water, and start to experience the benefits those oils can offer.

Essential oils are clinically proven to provide a wide range of effects, including improved sleep, improved mood, reduction of anxiety, pain relief, energy boost, improved brain function, improved immune system, and improved skin and hair.


The Everlasting Comfort Diffuser is ETL-certified, meaning it meets the highest safety standards to ensure your safety and reliability of the unit. Each internal piece is ETL-certified because there were no shortcuts taken when creating this unit.

There’s no doubt that the Everlasting Comfort Diffuser will make a great addition to your home. Not only can you start to experience the benefits of essential oils, but you’ll be getting the best and most affordable diffuser on the market. Purchase your new unit today to upgrade your home and your life.


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Essential Oil Diffuser
Starting From $34.95
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